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Submitted by djfonplaz on 27/06/2010 - 15:44:40
Partecipation (#67 message)

Just for a change...

I'm thinking we could make a compilation of hardcore from the begining to this days. What are your thoughts? I think there is a lot of knowledge in this forum and we could do a nice compilation of tunes, the idea is to compile mostlly "rare" stuff (not so much classics or mainstream) from 92 to 2008. A lot of us here are into underground HC so I think we could do a very decent compilation indeed. A source for tunes can be a lot of the sessions we have uploaded and tracklisted (or half tracklisted).

About the size, we could say soemthing that fits in one or a couple of CDs per year to a DVD in size. A cool idea would be one mixed CD (by members of the forum) and one unmixed CD: both covering the same period of 1 or 2 years. If there is enough interest I think we can do it fairly easy, with covers and all. In the begining this proyect should stay free and underground, if it goes well in the future who knows, but for know it's just a friendlly initiative from the forum (though you would be free to distribute it around the net).

The best option would be to go for ORIGINAL rips, just to get decent quality, but there are allready fine rips around there so if you have got any, it's ok. The only problem would be to have a bunch of tracks nor mastered/normalized at the same level or with different qualities. But we can try to arrange a list of tracks and then try to compile them from the best possible sources.



tintin133 :
DISCIPLES OF BELIAL : all titles are very huge
MANU LE MALIN : the book#1 suspiri
ARMAGUET NAD : motaba fils d'ebola
GTI : 0000
ANGEL FLO & SEPHIROTH : cage thoracique

B.A.L.² :
Skullblower - Farewell To The Funky Flesh
Zenith - A Tear In Heart
Ingler - Riot
Nasenbluten - Dash
La Peste - BMWTC

S-KR8 :
something off the homicide 1, karnage 1, rouge de colere 6, explore toi 19, some mouse / no name stuff from anticore 1 +2, reverse 6 or fisch 18 + 19, maybe armaguet nad stuff from dead end too..
for the oldskool stuff..: brainkiller on fucking loud 5, john doe 1002, methylizer on hellrazor HR 010-12, praxis 12, fist 7, juncalors by syndicate/noize creator/s37/dj heaven/borschtsch, federation against mellow on exodus 2, some off the first kotzaaks, terror traxx 6 + 7, Test Tube Kid on Praxis 22, axl on strike 6 (&3), christ of noise on provision....
2 more: C4 - active droids (fraktal 1); some of paf le chien's tracks, for example off crtx 17, or some unreleased ones.

DjFonPlaz :
head fuck by micropoint (sodomination)
epiteth by radium (hlm industries)
pkg by ingler (minor)
sss5 by ingler (t plus)
active base, jacop and mass a la playstation by nkje
waving by joel giraude on virus
the effect of pressure by pressurehead
hammer damage - the demons and other 2 tracks (don't remember which ep)
liza & ingler - operation
akira - 8 bit not shit
matt green - life like
27/06/2010 - 15:44:40
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