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Submitted by djfonplaz on 03/04/2013 - 10:01:06
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Taken from http://reocities.com/SunsetStrip/alley/1444/freak.htm

25 June 1996
I started to DJ in Xmas 1990/1991 after I had been inspired by 'acid music' that I'd heard at 'Glastonbury 1990'. At that time I was into psyche rock (Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Gong etc.). However, when I heard 'acid music', this really woke me up to the 90's - I thought that computer generated music and sound was the way to go - I felt quite enlightened at the time.

As things progressed I had to pack my job in so I could concentrate on music & DJing. Record buying was expensive so I used to mix tapes (crap ones unfortunately, because I thought I knew how to mix) and walk round Leeds & Wakefield every Saturday with a bag of tapes and a walkman approaching any 'E' head I saw (you could spot them a mile off!) and see if they weanted to by me Freak tape for £3. Much to my surprise I sold at least 10 each week, which paid for my next lot of records. It went on like this for at least a year. There must be at least 30 different old tapes around. Subsequently the local record shop (Crash Records) decided to sell tapes from the shop which gave me a much better exposure and more tape sales.

One day I bumped into a couple of lads who owned a record shop in Bradford. I gave them my latest tape 'Alles Naar de Kl-tz', which they said was far too hard, but if I mixed mellower hardcore tapes they would distribute them country wide (Hence Freak Vol 1 - 8). Also they started the record label 'Hard of Hearing'.

By a strange twist of fate, some other people got to meet me and offered me studio time at which I jumped on the offer. This studio is now known as 'Microdot Studios' and this is where most of the early tracks were made.

After about a year of this we sort of fell out and I started to get my own studio gear and haven't looked back since. The first release was 'Tank Source' (Picture Disc), Killout 15.

This happened because I met the label owner and he said he wanted some 'gabber' trax (at this point 92/93 'gabber' was becoming a trendy and fashionable word to use. It suited the music - hard, fast & noisy). Since I started to listen to acid (I was always into the hardest records I could buy) I was a natural gabber at the end of the day. But as we now know, gabber is about pop songs and cheese thanks to Scott Brown & Rotterdam (who I used to respect), but good luck to them anyway.

So, 5 years on, I have played a lot of gigs in the UK and abroad (France, Cologne, USA) and am considered evil by some, but I've just been following my ideas of how thins should be.....

DJ Freak Discography

Tank Source (Picture Disc) - Killout 15
Tank Source EP - MMR 13
Industrial Trauma - Killout 19
Heavy Metal Poisoning Part 1 - Killout 21
Natural Born Killa - Killout 22
Heavy Metal Poisoning Part 2 - Killout 24
DJ Freak EP 1, 2 & 3 - Hard of Hearing
Evo - We are Evo - Drop Bass Network
Collective Strength (Freak, Delta 9 & Agro) - 666
AKA Noise Emission - Storm 003
Abduction EP - Storm 005
Xmas Rush (1 track) - Outcast Clan
Techno Trash Car (CD 1 track) - Polygram

Coming in 1996

Epitaph Records EP (1 track on CD Compilation)
Beast Records EP
Evo Part 2 EP
Industrial Strength EP
Killout (2 tracks on double compilation)
Tank Source 2 (Picture Disc) - Killout
Crapshoot Records EP (1 track on CD compilation)
Crapshoot Records mixed CD
03/04/2013 - 10:01:06
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